Why You Should Outsource To a Sex Toy Marketing Agency

Last year, Business Wire predicted that the global adult toys market would reach 35.5 billion net worth by 2023.

Where there’s sex, there’s money to be made. Whether you are a start up sex toy ecommerce or an established sex toy shop you will need to have a great sex toy marketing strategy in place; if you want to get ahead of your competition and be the stand out brand for your target audience.

Sex toy marketing will involve many different avenues. If you are unsure of what you are doing could result in lots of trial and error; which can quickly eat away at a budget with very little result. One of the best ways to ensure your marketing gets the desired result you want is to outsource to an established sex toy marketing agency like Adult PR.

The team here at Adult PR, sex industry marketing agency know how much work goes into an effective sex toy marketing campaign; and how difficult it can be to execute a successful marketing plan.

The team have listed some of the benefits you would receive by outsourcing to a sex toy marketing agency such as Adult PR.


In order to get the best brand exposure possible, you will need to have the contacts and experience in knowing what works for the sex toy industry. If you outsource to a sex toy marketing agency you can be safe in the knowledge that their team will have the expertise to generate great brand exposure for your business; allowing your budget to go further.

Time is money

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing to a sex toy marketing agency is that you will have the freedom to work on the day to day running of your business; knowing that you have a dedicated team creating and implementing fresh ideas to see your brand reaching an attracting its target audience.

If you are looking for a marketing and PR agency that specialises in sex industry marketing then contact our friendly team today on 01621 927 010.

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