Adult PR Talks: Sex Toy SEO

Sex toy companies and stores must have a great online presence in order to succeed. As most people will order sex toys, lingerie and any other adult products from the safety of judgement via their phone or computer. This means that sex toy retailers and brands need to focus a good portion of their marketing efforts on sex toy SEO.

The adult digital marketing team here at Adult PR, know the importance sex toy SEO has for online sex toy stores. The team always advocate spending more time on achieving organic SEO for adult brands as this has a much longer lasting effect than just simply paying for Google Ads. They have compiled some simple tips to help you get started in achieving great organic sex toy SEO for your business.

Key words

The first step is to look at your target market and think about what they would be searching for in order to find your products or services. Generating a list of around thirty keywords means that you will have a broad spectrum of keywords and phrases to use in your websites copy. This means that your sex toy SEO is more likely to hit different target audience groups.

Website Audit

Now that you have your keywords you will need to do a website audit this will involve looking at what is written on your website, this is called the websites copy. You will need to look at ways you can reword sentences to naturally fit in your chosen keywords into the website text. This is a basic start to achieving better sex toy SEO.


Once you have optimised the copy on your website pages you should start to look at writing blogs placing the keywords naturally throughout. You should post and optimise your blogs regularly so that you get the quickest results possible. This will also offer your website visitors some valuable content which should in turn improve your bounce rate.

These methods are merely scratching the surface of how to approve your websites SEO.

If you would like to know more about how our team here at Adult PR can assist with your sex toy SEO, then contact us today on 01621 927010.

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