Why Sex Industry PR Is Vital for Adult Brands

All publicity is good publicity

An old saying that couldn’t ring less true. But with “fake news” and reputation now incredibly high on the business agenda, sex industry public relations has never been more relevant.

Brands in the adult entertainment industry build their success based on their reputation. Without a good reputation, consumers are unlikely to buy your product or use your services. At Adult PR, we specialise in marketing for the sex industry to ensure adult brands utilise a strong marketing strategy to safe guard their reputation; while developing their brand awareness.

Here’s three reasons why PR is vital for the sex industry.

It Tells A Story

80% of PR professionals and marketers believe the future is digital storytelling. Whether you run an escort agency or a sex toy brand, your business has a story to tell. Consumers love to hear a good sex industry public relations story. By telling your story in mainstream publications, you’ll be able to build trust among potential consumers and increase awareness of your brand.

Promote Your Values

Sending out positive content through publications and media platforms shows your business values in a positive light. A great sex industry PR plan will help you target your consumer base more effectively with relevant, SFW content. By doing this, they are more likely to engage with your business and further increasing the positive perception of your brand.

Crisis Management

Despite the aforementioned saying, not all publicity is good. When it comes to sex industry marketing, reputation is everything. Without a good reputation and positive brand perception, your business is likely to fall into a PR crisis and will eventually fall under pressure.

Having a plan in place for when things go wrong is vital for businesses in the sex industry. But for those who struggle with establishing suitable media relations, it’s a good idea to outsource to an adult PR agency who can plan ahead for a potential crisis. At Adult PR, adult industry marketing agency, we specialise in providing adult entertainment PR packages as well as crisis management for brands who need to shift public opinion.

For more information about our adult marketing services, get in touch with our specialist team today.

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