Marketing The Sex Industry Without Getting Banned

We all remember the Rihanna perfume advert which was banned due to the sexually explicit content. Marketing the sex industry can be incredibly difficult. Even mainstream brands struggle to promote sexualised advertisements without running the risk of negative press or getting banned.

When it comes to marketing the sex industry, there are a lot of challenges adult brands face to generate brand awareness. At Adult PR, adult entertainment agency, we believe every sex industry brand should have a successful marketing campaign without the risk of bad publicity or banning. Here are our top tips to marketing the sex industry without getting your advertisements banned.

Know Your Legislation

Before you begin your campaign, it’s vital that you have an awareness of sex industry legislation. Your campaigns must work in compliance with the law of the country or state you reside in. Failure to do this can have a dramatic effect on your sex industry marketing campaign; resulting in your adverts being banned.

Understand Your Consumer Base

Sex still sells, but it’s important to know who your audience is and create the right brand message If your audience is largely male based, a sexualised image of a woman might do well for your adult entertainment content marketing. However, consumers are now more socially aware. As a result of this, they now favour brands who support a social justice cause that aligns with their own values. It’s important for campaigns to strike the right balance between marketing the sex industry and consumer values to ensure your campaigns are successful.

Get With The Times

Building on the previous point, it’s vital that your brand gets with the times if it wants a successful sex industry PR campaign. Sex sells, but sexism shouldn’t; which means it’s important that your campaigns don’t cause offence to your target audience.

Creating the right brand messaging for your adult digital marketing campaigns can be challenging. Here at Adult PR, sex industry public relations agency, we can help your brand effectively communicate with your audience; without running the risk of negative press or getting your adverts banned.

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