How Tango Teamed Up with The Adult Industry To Sell Drinks

Sex toys and soft drinks – hardly the combination you’d initially put together. But when it comes to marketing the sex industry, its unsurprising to find strange combinations to help a business sell its products. However, Tango created a buzz this week for featuring a sex toy in its advertisement to help promote its beverage. Here’s how the beverage giant teamed up with the adult industry to help sell its products.

The Advert

If you haven’t yet seen the advert, you might be wondering how exactly Tango used sex toys to sell soft drinks. The advert shows a young woman confronted by her father after he finds her vibrator. On Tanguru’s advice she tells him it is a head massager which he believes and asks if he can borrow it for work. The ad ends with its new tagline: Sticky situation? Time to Tango.

Why This Worked

After a four-year TV hiatus, Tango wanted to become part of the national conversation again. Tango created a brand character, the Tanguru, that bursts into uncomfortable situations and freezes time to help the tango drinker deal with the situation.

So how does this relate to sex industry marketing? Tango utilised sex toys within its marketing campaign to produce a humorous and relatable advertisement. As a result of this, Tango achieved its aim to become part of the conversation and increase its sales.

What Can The Adult Industry Learn From This?

While Tango wasn’t marketing for the adult industry, it does show that sex toy marketing campaigns don’t have to be explicit to make more sales. By playing to ‘awkward moments’ and focusing on humour; sex toy brands are more likely to increase brand awareness and start a conversation.

When it comes to sex industry marketing, it’s vital to strike the right balance between informative and humour; in order to engage a mainstream audience. At Adult PR, sex industry public relations, we have extensive experience in creating campaigns for sex industry brands, that can be consumed by mainstream audiences and increase their brand awareness. For more information about our services, get in touch with Adult PR today.

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