Adult Social Media: Why Sex Workers Hate Netflix’s ‘Bonding’

Netflix’s new series, Bonding, tells the story of a psychology grad student, who works as a dominatrix to pay her bills; enlisting her gay best friend to be her assistant. While the series received mixed reviews from both fans and sex workers alike, it was the adult social media marketing of the show that quickly grabbed attention.

Dominatrix Twitter Account

At first glance, the account looks like any other dominatrix profile. The Twitter account for the character, Mistress May, shows a woman dressed in a corset holding a riding crop. Her bio reading “Welcome to my office. I’m Mistress May. And I didn’t give you permission to @ me,”.

The Problem With Bonding’s Social Media

Netflix has been criticised for having the show’s Twitter account run by the fictional dominatrix. Sex workers complained that, while their accounts have been removed or restricted, the fictional dominatrix account was verified and was allowed to promote a harmful view of their profession.

What This Means For Sex Workers

It’s not just sex workers who have problems with their social media marketing. Adult brands, who require sex industry marketing to achieve brand awareness and generate sales, often run into the problem of their social media accounts being deleted or restricted. With sex workers’ accounts continuing to be shadow-banned or deleted, they are unable to provide the right view of their profession or promote their services to keep their business afloat.

Bonding aimed to provide positive representation of sex industry workers. Unfortunately, the show only highlighted the unfairness of Twitter allowing a fictional character to promote its ‘services’; while real workers were penalised for the same posts.

Marketing for the adult industry can be extremely challenging for both brands and sex workers. As a sex industry marketing agency, Adult PR understand the problems many sex workers face when it comes to adult social media marketing. Our team provides a range of different approaches to adult social media; in order to prevent your channel from being removed or restricted. For more information about how we can help, get in touch with our team today.

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