What Adult Public Relations Can Do for You

If you’ve ever seen Sex and the City, you might have an impression of what a PR agency does from Samantha Jones. While Samantha made it seem like PR was all about attending star-studded events and going to glamorous parties; adult PR couldn’t be further from that. In fact, an adult public relations agency does more than simply set up events.

Our team has listed what really goes on at an adult PR agency and how we can benefit your business.

Editorial Content

If you’ve ever read an article in a newspaper with a comment from a brand or spokesperson, it’s likely that this was created by a PR advisor. A large part of their role is coming up with ideas for editorial content that can help promote your brand. To achieve a decent level of coverage, the PR team will spend time researching the client and explore their website to find aspects that they can highlight in the pitch. They will, then seize opportunities to make you relevant to current topics and stand out from competitors.

Media List Building & Research

Getting across your brand messaging in a SFW way can be difficult for most adult brands. As a result, adult public relations work to generate a media list by researching the sex industry; to working out which is the most appropriate media contact or publication that will help get your message across.

Building an Online Reputation

The beauty of online PR is that the mentions of your business and promotional articles are there to stay. Even if you feel that a particular article or feature didn’t drive a huge amount of traffic, by continually creating a bank of promotional pieces, your business will continue to reap the benefits; and increase your reputation in the long run.

Adult public relations help to support the other marketing activities in order to raise your brand awareness. At Adult PR, adult industry marketing agency, we provide a range of services to help promote your brand, including adult social media marketing and adult SEO. For more information about our services, get in touch with our team today.

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