Does Sex Still Sell?

“Sex Sells” – a common phrase used within the advertising industry. Throughout history, sexually provocative imagery, sounds or subliminal messages have been an easy tool to sell products; dating back to 1885 where W Duke & Sons sold soap with erotic trading cards to boost sales. 

But with the rise of campaigns like Times Up and, gender equality and female empowerment movements, adult brands are recognising the need to change the way they advertise their products, making them less seedy and instead, more accessible to all genders and sexual orientations.

At Adult PR, sex industry marketing agency, we specialise in providing PR and Marketing for the adult industry. Here’s our adult digital marketing teams’ thoughts on whether sex still sells and how this can affect your brand.

Does sex still sell?

Yes, sex still sells. In fact, the porn industry alone is worth a whopping $10 billion. Studies show that adverts are more likely to sell their product or service if it features a sexually suggestive woman; especially if the target audience is male.

However, while sex is becoming more liberated and celebrated by consumers; it needs to be done with right so as not to turn people off. Rightly so, brands are shifting their focus from sexualised adverts to reflect the changing attitudes and this is something that takes careful consideration with the help of PR professionals.

What is the future of sex in advertisements?

Sex is here to stay. Thanks to the internet, adult content is readily available at the touch of a button and is now becoming more frequent in mainstream media. As the world becomes more sexually-liberated, underwear, fragrance as well as sex toy brands are able to use sexual references and connotations on their adult social media; to create an effective marketing strategy.

Brands will need to adapt their campaigns and stay within the remits of social platforms regulations to avoid fatally damaging their brand.  

Sex Industry Marketing Agenc

Creating the right messaging for your brand can be challenging; especially in the adult industry. At Adult PR, sex industry marketing agency, we’re able to strike the right balance between sexually suggestive and socially aware in your campaigns. For more information about our services, get in touch with our team on 01376 386 850.

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