How Your Business Can Climax With Adult Digital Marketing

Adult entertainment is a billion-dollar industry, so it’s no wonder many millions of people are buying into it. Despite being considered ‘taboo’, search terms relating to the sex industry are some of the most popular online searches, in fact, porn sites receive more hits each month than Netflix and Amazon combined! So, how can adult digital marketing help market your brand in this overly saturated market?

At Adult PR, adult digital marketing agency, we understand the difficulties brands can face when it comes to marketing for the sex industry. Here are three ways your business can reach its climax with Adult PR.

Adult SEO

There are currently over 4.2 million pornographic websites available to internet users; that’s 12% of all websites on the internet! So how exactly can Adult PR get people clicking to your site? Our team of SEO experts will be able to boost your brand in the search engine rankings organically; where you’ll quickly see results within three months of our start date.

Adult Social Media Marketing

If you go deep enough down the social media rabbit hole, you can often fall into the wrong side of Twitter where BBC no longer stands for British Broadcasting Company. That’s exactly where your brand will thrive! Our social media team connect your brand with industry sexperts and engage with your followers. We are experts at finding the balance between generating a mainstream content strategy that will enable your brand to be reputable; while reaching people who are looking for that ‘NSFW’ content!

Adult Public Relations

If you want to have the same brand awareness as PornHub, you’ll need to get your name out there. There’s no quicker, or better, way to do this than PR. Our sex industry PR team will build your brand awareness by utilising our wide range of contacts to get you into the press, online and offline.

At Adult PR, adult PR agency, we provide a variety of digital marketing services which build a buzz around your brand; and help your business reach its climax. To find out more information about our adult entertainment marketing services, contact our team today.

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