Four Buzzworthy Facts About Sex Toys

Sex toys are hardly shocking stuff anymore. In fact, many pleasure products are sold in the same shops where you buy your weekly food shop and are even endorsed by Oprah on daytime TV! What is shocking, is how little we know about them.

Here’s Four facts Adult PR, sex industry PR agency, discovered about sex toys and how they can help you with your adult digital marketing campaigns.

Sex His-toy-ry

The first sex toy was officially manufactured by Hamilton Beach in 1902. The vibrator was the first domestic appliance that was electrified after the sewing machine and the toaster. However, to be discreet, vibrators were advertised as “personal massagers.”

Familiar Feeling

We all know you can buy a ‘Clone-A-Willy’ vibrator. But did you know you can buy Dildo replicas of famous celebrities? Members of the band, Rammstein, created a collection of Dildos that replicated their own penis’ and sold them to fans across the world!

Sex Toys Are Recession Proof

Many adult businesses might be worried about how Brexit will affect their brand and sales. But they shouldn’t worry. While women may give up beauty treatments in a bad economy, they hang on to their sex toys!

During the 2008 recession, online sex toy distributor Adam & Eve reported a 17% increase in purchases. Not only do sales hold steady during a rough economy, but economic recession has actually proven to lead to an increase in purchases.

Sex Toy Laws

As fun as sex toys are, the laws surrounding them can be anything but. Since 1999, sex toys have been outlawed in India, as well as shops in Alabama; USA. According to the assistant attorney general, “there is no fundamental right for a person to buy a device to produce orgasms”.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks to the weird sex toy laws of Japan, we have the revolutionary vibrator that’s kept many happy for years. The Rabbit vibrator, invented in 1983, was made to look like a rabbit because Japanese manufacturers weren’t actually allowed to make vibrators that resembled penis’.

Without clear understanding of sex toy laws, your adult industry marketing campaign can quickly cause problems for your business. At Adult PR, adult entertainment marketing and PR agency, we provide tailored sex toy marketing campaigns, that work in compliance with the law of the land you are based in, to ensure they reach a wider audience as well as your target market.

If you would like to find out more about marketing for the adult industry; get in touch with Adult PR today on 01621 927 010.

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