What You Need To Launch Your Sex Toy Business

You’ve found a supplier, you’ve chosen your business name, now it’s time to launch your sex toy business! But before you officially launch your company, have you completed your adult digital marketing checklist?

At Adult PR, sex industry marketing agency, we understand launching a new sex toy brand can be difficult. That’s why we have provided a checklist of things you’ll need complete before you officially launch your brand.

Adult SEO

Did you know adult website drive more traffic each month than Twitter, Netflix and Amazon combined? Adult SEO is vital for sex toy websites; most people don’t type in sex toys and hope for the best! Before launching your company website, make sure to research the most relevant keywords. Once you have completed this, add those throughout your website to increase your chances of being found in the search results!

Optimised For Mobile

While your website might look good on a desktop, it’s vital for it to look and work well for mobile too. When it comes to your sex toy website, its worth investing in Adult Web Development, to ensure it’s fully responsive to all screen sizes. Without this, customers will find it frustrating and leave; increasing your bounce rate and dropping it in the search results. 

Adult Social Media Marketing

Just like any other business, having social media accounts is essential to raising awareness of your brand. When planning your adult social media strategy, remember to include SFW content in your campaigns. That way, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and establish a connection with your consumer base; without the risk of your account being shut down.

Adult PR

Once you’ve completed the above list, you’ll be ready to launch your sex toy business! However, if you’re looking to raise awareness of your brand in media publications, it might be worth using an adult public relations agency. 

Putting your name in media publications can be difficult; as well as incredibly expensive. At Adult PR, we provide a variety of services to help put your brand on the map. For more information about adult entertainment marketing, get in touch with our team today.  

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