Why Your Escort Agency Needs A PR Agency

Do we really need PR?

That’s the question Adult PR receives on a daily basis. But while it is possible to operate an escort agency with no PR spend, it’s incredibly risky. If a crisis should occur, your brand will be unable to limit the damage, which can result in the end of your business.

With this in mind, here’s five reasons why Adult PR, adult public relations agency, believes escort agencies should invest in a PR agency.

Recruit Talent

In most cases, adult PR agencies not only help attract new clients, but prospective employees too. By implementing a strong PR strategy, you can control your brand messaging; gradually cultivating a reputation as one your industries best and most sought-after employers.

Retain Existing Staff

Employee turnover is a serious threat to escort agencies. All it takes is one bad tweet for your entire business to fail. Adult social media marketing and PR can create a sense of pride among employees; confirming their decision to remain with the company.

Gain Message Clarity

Not all escort agencies are created equal. Some offer luxury services while others offer sexual services for a niche audience. A carefully curated PR strategy produces clarity about your brands key messages and identity. While there are a variety of ways to implement this yourself, a PR agency will help you develop your messaging that carries across all of your marketing efforts.

Damage Control

When it comes to the adult industry, businesses face additional risks other companies are unlikely to face. By investing in an adult entertainment public relations agency, you’ll be able to implement a damage control strategy in the event of a crisis; thus, saving your brand.

Reduce Cost

Putting your name in media publications can be incredibly expensive. By using a PR agency, you’ll be able to take advantage of their network of contacts and increase your brand awareness at a much lower rate.

Doing your own PR for your escort agency can be incredibly difficult, especially when knowing the right publications to approach. At Adult PR, sex industry marketing and PR agency, we provide a variety of services which help raise brand awareness and escort-related sales. For more information, contact our team today.

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