Why Durex’s Marketing Is Becoming Female Focused

After a PR disaster, in which Durex was branded ‘vulgar’ by women’s rights groups, the condom giant, like many other sex industry brands, is now producing female focused campaigns; by focusing on female empowerment and sexual health issues. 

Here’s a breakdown of why Durex is now becoming female-centric in its adult PR and social media strategies. 

Offensive Advertisements

Sex sells, but sexism shouldn’t. Condom brands are now becoming female focused in their sex industry marketing campaigns as consumers are now more socially aware about sexism and sexual violence.

When it comes to marketing for the sex industry, it’s vitally important not to cause offense in your advertisements. In 2016, Durex came under fire after an advert for their XXL condom resurfaced. The advert, originally airing in 2012, depicted a woman’s mouth with bandages on either side of her lips; implying her male partner was so ‘extra-large’ that her mouth was injured because her lips weren’t big enough. The advert was also incorporated as part of their social media marketing campaign; captioned ‘Poor woman…(or maybe lucky one)?.”

The advert was removed after huge backlash from its audience and women’s rights groups. As a result of this offensive advertisement, Durex saw sales slump and has since shifted its advertising angle to focus on women.

Sexual Happiness

Consumers love brands who support a social justice cause that aligns with their own values. Statistics show that 92% of consumers are more likely to have a positive image of a company when they support a social or environmental issue; and that includes Durex. 

While men make up the majority of condom sales, brands are changing their approach to become more female focused. Rather than focusing on male pleasure, Durex’s recent adverts take a stand against female sexual discomfort. 

In a playful, yet informative video, Durex celebrates women who have pushed against archaic attitudes to their bodies, choices and rights before questioning; “why do we still put up with uncomfortable sex?”. The outcome? The advert received praise from around the world, including feminist groups, which saw both sales and shares increase.

Adult PR

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