The Best Sex Toy Campaigns For The Modern Millennial

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, more women than ever are creating sex toy companies that appeal to millennials. What’s more, is that these female-founded companies aren’t just creating better, female, sex toys, they’re also creating effective adult industry marketing campaigns that breakthrough to mainstream audiences and remain popular.

With the right campaign and strategy, your sex toy business can also give your audience good vibrations. Here’s three brands that Adult PR, adult digital marketing agency, believe created the best sex toy campaigns for millennials.

Smile Makers X Cult Beauty

Creating a buzz in the sex toy industry is Smile Makers. The Femtech sex toy brand teamed up with beauty giant, Cult Beauty, to create a clever social media marketing strategy that focused on ‘vulvaluation’ and normalising female sexual pleasure; without using explicit imagery. Smile Makers was able to increase its social media following to 24.3K as well as help normalise perceptions of a woman’s sexuality. 


Creating a series of social media posts and hoping you’ll reach your intended audience just won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll have get creative with your sex toy marketing and choose the right publications that will attract the right audience. 

Maude showcased it’s sex toy brand by creating a Buzzfeed article, with imagery of the products to illustrate the minimalist look while encouraging a happy and healthy sex life for all genders. Through the use of Adult PR, the brands was able to directly reach it’s target audience and dramatically increase sales and brand awareness. 

Dame Products

Yes, woke marketing even applies to sex toys too! Last year, studies confirmed that millennials love socially aware brands that they can align their values with. After noticing the sexist and objectifying marketing of the sex toy industry, Dame created the firsts hand-free vibrator, with a sex industry PR campaign that focused on female pleasure with a feminist stance. 

Having a good sex toy PR strategy can be invaluable for your brand. If you need help with marketing your sex toy brand or company, then contact our friendly team today on 01621 927 010. 

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