Four Unbelievable (SFW) Facts About The Adult Industry

When it comes to Adult PR, it’s vital to get creative with your adult digital marketing campaigns in order to stand out from the crowd. The adult industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative markets in the world. But before you create your campaign, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the industry.

With this in mind, here are four facts about the adult industry (that are surprisingly safe for work).

Every Second, There Are 28,258 Users Watching Porn

That’s right. Every second, nearly 30,000 people are watching adult entertainment online. But it doesn’t stop there. Almost 400 people actively search for adult websites and a further $3,000 is spent on adult entertainment content every second.

PornHub is a Click Millionaire

Pornhub is the worlds most popular porn site. There’s no suprise there! But did you know that in 2017, Pornhub averaged 81 million users per day, with a further 24.7 billion searches performed daily. That’s a whopping 68 years’ worth of porn a day!

Women Participate Behind The Camera

Porn isn’t just about the women in front of the camera. The adult industry can be a touchy subject when it comes to sexism and gender roles. However, it comes as a surprise that more women have been recognised for their contributions as producers and directors of adult films as opposed to Oscar nominated films!

Condom Laws in California

Safe sex in California is no laughing matter. In 2012, Measure B was passed, mandating the use of condoms in all intimate scenes. While the law was appealed twice, they were both denied. As a result of this law, many porn production companies have migrated out of California to neighbouring cities such as Las Vegas.

Standing out from the crowd is important. But effectively communicating to your audience that complies with the law of the country or state your based in, is vital for the success of your brand. When it comes to marketing for the adult industry, it’s sometimes best to leave it to the experts.

Whether you need help in developing an organic, adult SEO strategy, creation of adult entertainment content or adult industry web design, our team at Adult PR are always on hand to help. Get in touch with our sex industry marketing agency today.

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