Three Ways To Market Your Cam Girl Site

It’s vital for every cam girl website to have an adult digital marketing strategy. Without this, your site is unlikely to gain any traffic and your models will be unable to make money. But with the right promotion, your site will be on track for success in no time.

Adult PR, a sex industry public relations agency has the expertise and inside knowledge to market and represent webcam modelling agencies across the world. Here are three ways Adult PR believes are essential to marketing your brand.

Adult SEO

SEO is essential for any company in the current market; especially for webcam modelling sites that rely on a lot of online traffic. Organicadult SEO, using keywords in regular blogs or website content, is the best way to achieve long term results.

However, keeping your site regularly updated isn’t enough to put your site at the top of search engines. Links pointing to your site from other popular websites, including news sites and social media, will allow your website to show higher in search results and thus drive more traffic to your website.

Watermarking Videos

Piracy is rife in the adult industry. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, you can help drive traffic to your site through stolen content. Watermark your pictures and videos with your site name to ensure you get free traffic from those who view them.

Social Media Marketing

It’s virtually impossible to market a business without social media marketing. But when it comes to marketingadult social media content, finding the right social media platform can be incredibly problematic. The biggest problem facing cam girl websites is posting NSFW content on popular social media platforms.

While Twitter does allow adult content, models have still found their accounts to be shadow-banned or deleted due to inappropriate content. Make sure your content is creative and innovative to ensure it remains visible to your intended audience, but subtle enough to reach a wider demographic. For example, non-nude photos and videos can be posted onto Instagram and YouTube, provided the caption isn’t too graphic.

If you are looking for an agency that has the industry knowledge and connections to successfully represent and market your adult brand; contact our adult industry PR team today on 01621 927010.

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