Why Adult SEO is Vital for Adult Lifestyle Websites

If you are running an adult lifestyle website or network, you will already know that competition is fierce and that there is a website out there for every type of audience you could imagine. Like any other business that is primarily based online, adult lifestyle networks require a lot of attention when it comes to adult SEO.

Here at Adult PR; a porn marketing agency, our team understand the importance that adult SEO has in attracting the right target audience. They have compiled a few tips and ideas to help your website gain organic long-term SEO results. These ideas will see your website over time reach the top rankings on Google and maintain its spot there.

Content content content

The word content gets thrown around a lot in the digital marketing world, but rarely does it get looked into. In terms of adult SEO; the content on your website needs to be optimised with keywords that people would search for to find your service. The content should also be engaging and valuable to the audience. A good start would be to write weekly blogs that you can organically include keywords in. 

Backlinks and Adult PR

By getting your site featured in online publications you open up the opportunity for the publication to put a link to your site at the bottom of an article. Moreover, as the publication is already recognised by Google and has its own rankings; this backlink to your website will help improve your adult SEO. Think of it like an endorsement from the publication site.


If you have a new website, you could look into using PPC to help Google notice your site. Our team try to steer people towards organic adult SEO. This is because SEO has a better long-term result retention when it comes to Google rankings. However, this being said; PPC will help Google notice your page while you work on optimising your website with keywords so that your organic adult SEO efforts are picked up.

So, if you require any assistance in adult SEO; then contact our friendly team today on 01621 927010.

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