The Importance of Valentine’s Day Campaigns in the Sex Toy Industry

The sex toy industry is booming with an estimated market value of over 21 billion US dollars! With such a high market value there is no wonder that so many companies are trying to grab a slice of the pie; making it one of the most competitive adult markets.

With love in the air this Valentine’s Day, the team here at Adult PR, adult entertainment PR agency, are looking at why it is important for sex toy traders to promote their products. They are also looking at what target audiences they should be approaching with their Valentine’s Day marketing.

Coupling up

The obvious choice for most sex toy stores and online traders is to aim their marketing and adult PR towards couples for Valentine’s Day. Putting offers on couples’ toys and posting content that could help newbies try out toys in the bedroom for the first time would be beneficial. This will not only get an immediate sale. But should also help retain the customer. Sex toys are an intimate purchase. As such the consumer will likely use the same company as long as the product is of a good quality and the consumer trusts the brand.

All by yourself

It is easy to forget the single people on Valentine’s Day. As a result it would be a good idea for sex toy brands to target this audience with a funny tongue in cheek campaign to see if they can increase the sale of solo sex toys. By going against the grain with a campaign aimed at the lonely individuals this Valentine’s Day; brands could find that sales of things like vibrators and fleshlights increase around the romantic holiday.

Finally, if you need help coming up with some fresh adult industry PR ideas for your adult brand or company; then contact our friendly team today on 01621 927010.

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