How to Promote My Escorting Agency

Whether you are an agency or lone worker, promoting your escorting services can be tricky.

Gone are the days of phone boxes and hello are the days of social media and online interaction.

So how exactly do you draw attention to yourself?

If you are an agency, we would suggest a tasteful Instagram feed which attracts both men who want to use your agency and girls who want to work for you. It goes without saying, you must operate under the guidelines of the country that you work from. As an adult PR agency, we have a lot of experience in this area. As such, should you have any questions at all please do get in touch and let us know.

Your easiest way to generate regular income is repeat custom. So how do you ensure that your clients return?  You simply need to provide the ultimate experience. It doesn’t matter if the service being sold is bookkeeping or blowjobs; if the end result isn’t good quality you won’t be getting a repeat customer. Don’t get distracted and provide your client with the ultimate experience.

You can also expand your service list, if you are comfortable to do so. There are some things that other escorts would rather not do. This could be anything from ‘a couple’s weekend away’ where you have to play the wife or pegging. As long as you do not feel awkward with the service in question, it can only benefit you to expand your repertoire.

Along the same vein as above, why not set up a webcam so your regular customers can have virtual sex with you for a smaller fee?

Adult PR work with a number of customers, from escorts to sex shops; porn stars to erotic authors. If you would like help with your adult industry marketing or PR. Get in touch with our team on 01621 927010. We are UK based but operate worldwide.

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