Where to Advertise Your Adult Content Now Tumblr Has Banned It

Last month Tumblr banned pornography and adult content from its platform leaving many NSFW business owners scrambling for another alternative.

The ban was put in place in response to child pornography being found on the site. This was an extreme move which not only tackled the (huge) issue at hand. But it also extended the ban to place a blanket over any and all explicit material from gifs to videos. That’s right, no more female nipples. Written erotica however, is still permitted.

Although the intention behind this ban is completely correct and we fully support this, it has cut out the consenting adults who enjoyed legally using the platform. So where do you go now?

Reddit is a great option, you can search for and subscribe to a wide variety of NSFW subreddits. There are so many available that no matter your niche, you will find a subreddit to showcase your skills on. There are strict guidelines in place and posts are moderated. But if you are following the rules, it’s not difficult to find or post ethical adult content on there.

Pillowfort is a blogging platform which bears a close resemblance to Tumblr and has a fairly lax NSFW policy which gives you more control. You do need a ‘key’ to access though as it is private. These are sent out via invite only and due to the influx of new users because of the Tumblr ban, you could be waiting for a while.

Snapchat is a huge platform used by adult stars who monetise their content. By users paying to subscribe, you are supporting the stars work directly. This is such an excellent option it deserves a blog of its own. It’s something we often use for our clients.

If you are finding it difficult to promote your brand now Tumblr is no longer available to you; please get in touch with our award-winning adult industry experts to find out how we can increase the exposure of your brand and create an excellent return on investment. 01621 927010.

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