Marketing Your Sex Party with Adult PR

We may be seen as prudish Britain, but the truth is we are one of the most sexually adventurous countries in the world. In fact, we boast an ever-expanding number of swinging clubs, sex parties and orgies nationwide.

The team here at Adult PR; an adult marketing agency, have found many organisers find it difficult to get the word out about their events. So, how do you promote what you’re offering?

Competition is ‘stiff’ in this industry, so you need to stand out. First of all, what is your brand? Are you opening your doors to the public or are you offering a more elite experience?

Once you have determined who you want to invite, you need to use this information to spearhead your campaign. This will increase your exposure so that people can find you.

This can be done online or through adult social media marketing; simply choose what your audience is more receptive to.

If you are running an adult SEO campaign there is a lot of competition. But you can benefit from minimal restrictions with regards to what you can and cannot say.

Social media allows you quicker access to your audience. But there are strong boundaries in place which means that building a prominent brand that doesn’t get deleted can be very tricky.

Twitter and Instagram are good options, but they change their algorithms fairly often. So you need to keep a close eye on them to ensure you are not doing anything which could damage the reputation of your brand.

Things to avoid include things such as; using hashtags which are frowned upon, recycling the same hashtags over and over, posting explicit content, tagging yourself in a location you are not in and using foul or unpleasant language.

If you need an expert opinion on how to promote your occasion, why not get in touch with our experienced team here at Adult PR? We understand the industry well and have teams in our office dealing with graphic design; content; social media; SEO; public relations and events.

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