3 Essentials to Sex Industry Marketing

The sex and adult industry for many people is shrouded in mystery. As a result many marketing and PR agencies struggle to find effective ways to promote adult brands. Luckily Adult PR, a sex industry public relations agency has the expertise and inside knowledge to market and represent international adult brands.

The team here at Adult PR, sex industry public relations agency, have put together 3 essential tips to remember when marketing sex industry brands.

Is there really much of a difference?

Adult entertainment and sex industry marketing is often seen as a near impossible task. This is due to strict guidelines and regulations. However, the way the industry is marketed or publicised is very close to any other industry. The adult industry is at an all-time high in terms of competition in the market; this means that appropriately promoting your adult brand is more important than ever. Although the methods may be similar to other industries it is important to remember that you are promoting adult material.

Sticky social media

One of the biggest issues many adult industry brands will face when trying to promote themselves is how they go about tackling adult social media marketing. Many companies and brands can find it difficult as they are not able to post NSFW content on many social media platforms. Therefore, when it comes to adult social media marketing, the content needs to be creative and innovative.

Adult SEO

SEO is vital for any company in the current market; especially for adult brands that rely on a lot of online traffic. Organic SEO, using keywords in regular website content, is one of the best routes to take for long term results. This is as an alternative to paying for PPC and short-term ads that sees brands sit at the top of Google’s pages until their budget runs out.

If you are looking for an agency that has the industry knowledge and connections to successfully represent and market your adult brand; contact our adult industry PR team today on 01621 927010.

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