How to Sell Sex Toys Through Adult Social Media Marketing

If you have read any of our blogs before, you will know how important our team feel a strong social media presence is for any adult brand or company. The fact is, that if you want to sell sex toys or any adult products online you will need to have multiple social media platforms. You will also have to post content that engages with appropriate target audiences.

One of the biggest mistakes all companies make when setting up a social media account for their brand is to make it another selling or direct advertisement page. If you are currently doing this for your adult sex toy brand you need to stop. This method is the quickest way to see engagement and followers drop. You need to remember that people go on social media to be social. So, with this in mind you need to look at your adult social media marketing strategy.

The adult industry marketing team have outlined some of the best ways to ensure you are selling your products correctly to your target audience using adult social media marketing.

Generous content

When it comes to creating content for your sex toy store’s social media you need to be posting regularly; our team recommend at least once a day. The phrase quality over quantity definitely applies here. Your content should be of value to your users and not just some boring salesy feed.

Talk back

Engaging with your audience is vital in building trust. If you are just simply posting content and leaving you won’t gain the trust of your audience. Your feed may look great, but your customers will feel left out of the loop. Make sure you set aside time to reply to comments and direct messages in a personal manner.

Brand continuity

Make sure that no matter what platform you are using that you are carrying a consistent brand message and image. You don’t want your brand to look less credible or unestablished because every platform looks like a different company is running it. Obviously use different content on different platforms to reach different audiences; but you should always keep the brand message at the heart of the content.

If you would like assistance in learning how to sell products indirectly though adult social media marketing; contact our adult entertainment marketing team today on 01621 927010.

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