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The adult entertainment and porn industry rely heavily on online traffic passing through their websites. With so many companies and brands competing for customers online it can be incredibly difficult for smaller businesses to be seen on search engine platforms such as Google. The world of adult entertainment SEO is usually made more complicated by people thinking that they need to use keywords that are NSFW. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Here at Adult PR, an adult marketing agency; our adult entertainment SEO department have compiled some inside knowledge to help with SEO for your adult entertainment website.

If you are going down the route of organic SEO then you need to start by finding relevant keywords your audience would use to find the service or product you provide. By constructing a list of keywords, you can start to create content for your website such as blogs and articles that naturally include these keywords.

When creating this list of keywords be sure to do your research; you won’t want to include keywords to your list that are not relevant! By using programmes such as Google Keyword Planner you can quickly come up with a good list of keywords. You will also be able see how many searches on average each keyword gets. This means you can prioritise keywords that are more popular for your audience.

Your keywords don’t have to be erotic to help with your website’s adult entertainment SEO. You just need to think along the lines of, what would my audience search for? Chances are they would use SFW keywords in Google, this means you should be tapping into this.

Here at Adult PR our team have years of experience in adult entertainment SEO. The content and SEO team work closely together to create great organic SEO for our adult entertainment clients.

If you would like to know more on how our team can help you with adult entertainment SEO, then contact us today on 01621 927010.

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