3 Top Tips for Adult Entertainment Marketing

Adult entertainment is a massive market that can be divided into hundreds of sectors but in each of those smaller sectors there is still fierce competition; whether it be auditions for adult actors or gaining traffic through your sex toy ecommerce; in order to succeed in the industry your brand will need great adult entertainment marketing.

Our adult industry marketing team here at Adult PR have some of their top tips to help your marketing efforts.

Confidence is key

If you are going it alone and want to control all your adult entertainment marketing then it can feel incredibly daunting. The best way to start is to work backwards and focus on what you want to achieve from the marketing campaign. Once you have decided what you want to achieve you need to go into your marketing plan with confidence. Many people spend too long trying to get that one bit of content exactly right and miss opportunities. It is important that you go for it and stop waiting for the right time.

Get rich quick doesn’t exist.

Any marketing takes time to see results, this is especially true for the adult industry. You need to think of longevity so many brands come and go because they go into the adult industry with a short-term money-making scheme. You need to spend time creating a community of followers that will become loyal to your brand. Moreover, you can do this through thoughtful adult SEO, adult social media marketing and adult public relations.

Playing it safe

Although sex sells, it doesn’t sell itself very well. It is easy to think that showing NSFW content will gain a following. However, the truth is although this would certainly grab people’s attention it would not bode well for a long-term marketing strategy. This is because your content could see you hidden on social networks and even Google. Instead try to create content that is safe for the workplace but teases your target audience into finding out more about your brand.

If you are struggling with adult entertainment marketing; contact the team at Adult PR on 01621 927010.

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