The Old Ways of Sex Industry Marketing Dead and Gone

The escorting industry is said to be one of the oldest professions in the world and as such so are the marketing techniques. The old saying ‘sex sells’ can be literally applied in this instance. The old days of leaving calling cards in phone boxes or hanging around street corners at night are quickly becoming a thing of the past; sex industry marketing is turning to digital platforms to promote their services.

Our team here at Adult PR have compiled a list of their top tips for modern sex industry marketing.

Socials and forums

When promoting in forums or social media you need to keep in mind quality over quantity. As not all avenues will fit your service. It may be a waste of time trying to use a platform such as Facebook to gain clients due to the terms of use. Using sites like Reddit means that you can have a social media profile that can engage with potential clients on subpages. These are designed for sex workers to engage safely with the community and people interested in engaging with a sex worker.

Find your niche

The escort industry is very competitive and as such you need to ensure you stand out from competitors; you can achieve this by creating a niche market to target and reduce the amount of competition. Look for directories that allow you to create a detailed profile. So you can list your likes; dislikes and any niche services you may want to offer. Most clients like getting to know their companion’s personality. And so, by listing these details you are able to add a personable touch to the service before meeting.

Become the client

When looking for a directory or agency site to promote your services; search Google as if you were your ideal client and see what websites rank highest. By choosing a site that ranks highly on adult SEO; you are more likely to be found by potential clients and therefore increase your earnings.

Finally, if you would like to know more on how our team here at Adult PR can help you with sex industry marketing; contact us on 01621 927010.

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