3 Warning Signs You Need to Find Another Adult Entertainment PR Agency

Public relations in the adult entertainment industry is vital for building a solid brand; attracting new clients and creating future work opportunities. Great adult entertainment PR can do everything from driving traffic through your website to making people want to work for; or with you. You should be seeing a great ROI and increase in profits as a result of using an adult entertainment PR agency.

If you are not seeing a satisfactory ROI from using an adult entertainment PR agency; then you need to start looking at the agency itself. The team here at Adult PR, have compiled a list of early warning signs to look out for to expose a bad adult entertainment PR agency.

Juniors and apprentices

So, the MD turned up to the pitch and sold you their glossy looking PR package. Now you have signed on the dotted line, you only seem to be dealing with apprentices. Although hiring apprentices is great for both the development of the business and the team, you should not solely be dealing with them as a client.

Confusing pricing and invoices

The pricing is hard to keep track of as they add a price to every service instead of giving a whole figure. There should be a clear scope of work that will be carried out under one price. Another red flag is if the invoices are equally confusing and don’t come with any reports or proof that you are getting value for money and a good ROI.

There isn’t that click

PR companies need to have great interpersonal skills and a fantastic understanding of a variety of businesses; even more so within the adult entertainment industry. If you are constantly having to explain your business or brand to your PR agents; chances are the agency isn’t understanding what your brand is about and as such probably won’t be able to relay it to the public very well.

If you are looking for honest, trustworthy and accountable representation from an adult entertainment PR agency; contact our team today at Adult PR on 01621 927010.

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