Why Sex and Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Have you ever thought where the phrase ‘sex sells’ derives from? It’s because using sex in marketing is one of the strongest and most effective selling tools. For years companies from a variety of industries have been using sexually provocative sounds and suggestions. These are specifically placed to spark an interest in a particular product or service. However, if you’re in the adult industry, you may find it difficult to know how to grow your brand. With a little help from adult digital marketing agency, Adult PR, you’ll get your name heard in no time!

Adult social media marketing

Social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms and adjusting their terms of what’s acceptable. It’s safe to say, some platforms are more blasé than others. But with the introduction of shadow banning, you can’t afford to jeopardise your brand for the sake of raunchy content. Fortunately, at Adult PR we have a dedicated and experienced adult social media marketing team which can help get your brand message across without sacrificing your ideas.

Porn PR

Perhaps adult social media marketing isn’t your main concern and you’re more focused on getting your name published in publications. If that’s the case, then you’re going to be more suited to porn PR. Our PR team have years of experience of brainstorming; creating and implementing majorly successful PR campaigns; making trusty connections along the way and being able to get your name heard in both industry specific and national publications!

Porn website SEO

You may feel as though you’re stranded in a sea of search results. With our industry specialised SEO knowledge, we will work with you to curate a list of defined keywords that you wish to rank for. From there, our content team will then write blogs focussing on your keywords and your website will begin to rank in no time.

If you would like to find out more information about how adult digital marketing can make a difference to your business; get in touch with Adult PR, porn marketing agency today on 01621 927 010.

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