Instagram’s Terms of Use, What You Need to Know for Your Adult Social Media Marketing, Part 2

If you follow our blogs; you will have seen our adult social media marketing team had put together a list of some of the rules to follow when it comes to posting about your adult brand on Instagram; in order to abide to their terms of use and avoid having your account shadow banned or worse.

With it being reported recently that Instagram now boasts a massive 1 billion monthly active users; it is easy to see why businesses and brands use the platform in their adult social media marketingstrategies.

Our porn social media team have continued their list of #InstaRules for you to follow, so that your content has the reach and engagement it deserves.

Banned hashtags

With great hashtag comes great responsibility. You need to be sure that the hashtags you have chosen to use for your posts are not banned by Instagram. An easy way to check is to start typing out the hashtag, as you do, you will see Instagram prompt similar or the same hashtag with the number of times it has been used by the Instagram community. If you don’t get this prompt by Instagram; the hashtag has probably been banned.

Running fake contests

Running a contest or promotion on Instagram is a great way to get new followers and get your existing followers to engage with your page. Although you may be reading this thinking that’s a great idea, we could give away that ‘anal for beginners kit’. Just be aware that Instagram avoids all responsibility of the competition and leaves you in full control. That means you are responsible for GDPR and any legal age requirements.

If your competition gets reported by a disgruntled Instagram user; you could see your page get shadow banned as a blanket move by Instagram. So, make sure that you have every angle covered when it comes to running your competition.

If you are struggling with your adult social media marketing whether it be Instagram or another popular platform; contact our experienced and friendly team on 01621 927010.

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