Adult Digital Marketing, How to Market Your Gentleman’s Club

Gentleman’s clubs or strip clubs, as they are more commonly known, started their life as a member only gathering for the upper middle classes back in the 18th century. This was basically where wealthy gentleman would occupy an establishment to socialise while being served and entertained by women and sometimes men.

These clubs have somewhat died out over the years and instead have been replaced by the strip/gentleman’s clubs we know so well today. Go into any town with a night scene and you will find one of these clubs. With so many of these establishments all offering the same or similar service, how can one club be sure to attract customers over the other?

Here at Adult PR, adult digital marketing our team have put together some ideas to ensure that your marketing efforts hit the desired target audience and achieve the best results.

Adult social media marketing

By getting your brand on social media platforms you are opening up a lot more adult industry marketing channels. Different platforms will allow different content. However you are better off going for a few different platforms to use; just change the content accordingly so as not to get banned and engage the different audiences on each site.

Invest in your entertainers

A good club owner will know that the dancers and entertainers are their biggest selling point; with this in mind it is vital that you get your entertainers promoting themselves and the club on social media and other platforms. Keep them happy and healthy with incentives to keep them at the club and working at their full potential.

Adult SEO website

Your website’s search engine optimisation is vitally important when trying to stand out from the crowd. As gentleman’s clubs are often seen as a luxury service; a lot of people will google search to find one nearby. Put plainly if you aren’t on the first page of Google; they more than likely won’t be visiting your establishment. Boost your SEO by using an events and news page on your website. You can use this to write content; such as blogs that contain keywords people might use when trying to find a gentleman’s club in your area.

If you need help advertising your gentleman’s club through effective adult digital marketing; contact our team at Adult PR, adult marketing agency on 01621 927 010.

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