Is It Possible to Advertise Sex Toys on Social Media?

Social media is a powerful way to connect and interact with your audience; that’s why every brand or business has one! However, when it comes to sex toy and adult entertainment marketing, social media platforms are somewhat squeamish about what is being posted. In particular, they dislike the promotion of sex toys and pornography.

As experts in adult social media marketing, we are constantly up against the challenge of using platforms such as Twitter; Instagram and Facebook to promote our client’s adult entertainment brands. You have to keep in mind the terms and service of every platform and stick to their guidelines.

Here is what the team at Adult PR – adult marketing agency in Essex, have learnt about posting on social media for sex toy brands:

1. The Basic Rules

Overall, Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest and YouTube have the same basic rules for the adult advertising category. For example, you can promote products for safe sex such as condoms. But you cannot promote products for the enhancement of sex or sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, it’s the second part that automatically rules out sex toys for social media platforms and they make it clear to mention this on their posting guidelines. As a result, if you try to advertise your products using Facebook AdManager and boosting, you will have your posts blocked by the site.

2. Don’t Use Product Pictures

When you upload an image of your sex toy, it will immediately flag up the adult/graphic filter that social media sites have employed. Not only have you made your post NSFW, meaning people will not open it out of fear it’s pornography, but this means your audience will be tasked with unblocking the content.

Instead, choose an arty shot of a smiling couple in bed. This way, you can still get around the filter and encourage customers to click to your website to find out more.

3. Avoid Personalising Your Ads

If you’re creating an advert to promote your product; avoid personalising the advert with ‘you need’ or ‘this could be your’ phrases. In particular, Facebook has a dislike for ads which are focused on individuals and pushing products or services on them. When you tell them something will be great for them, or that they need something; Facebook will flag this up as going against their terms and services.

Want to find out how our adult social media marketing team can help boost the engagement and following on your social media channels? Why not get in touch with our adult social media marketing team on 01621 927 010.

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