Adult PR Agency talk: How to Retain and Gain Clients in the Escort Industry

When talking about sex industry marketing many people make it more confusing than it has to be; probably because of their lack of experience within the industry. Many people are likely to feel like they can’t relate to the industry and don’t know where best to start; often over complicating the whole process.

Let’s start with the basics and break down exactly what it is you are selling and therefore marketing when it comes to escorts. Put plainly, in everyday business language; escorting isn’t far from a customer service related industry. As such they need to be treated like one when it comes to creating a marketing strategy.

Here at Adult PR; sex industry public relations, our team have come together to create some advice on how to attract new clients while ensuring you retain the old ones.


A pretty basic, yet good place to start, is to get yourself listed on escort directories. By doing this you are able to use their adult website SEO to your advantage. For example if someone was to search for ‘escorts in London’ a directory should come up if you are listed in that directory. You should also spend some time on your listing by making it look professional; you will be in for a much higher chance of attracting new clients.

Adult social media marketing

Making sure you use social media every day means that you are constantly engaging with clients. While keeping them up to date with what you are up to day to day; creating a more personable service that will see regulars coming back to see you.

Follow up

Once you have a few clients and get to learn their spending patterns and when they are likely to want your services, be sure to keep them up to date with when you are available via email; text or even a simple social media post. As you get busier this will become harder; so be sure to keep a diary so that you stay organised and don’t accidentally lose clients due to your busy schedule.

If you would like to know more on how Adult PR, sex industry public relations, can help you create a loyal following of paying clients, contact our friendly adult PR team today on 01621 927 010.

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