Sex Toy PR: Successful and Controversial Sex Toy Campaigns

Sex toys are becoming an ever-so popular accessory in the bedroom; bringing fun to people’s sex lives for years. With their popularity on the rise, a number of sex shops and online stores across the globe have popped up selling the adult toys. In such a saturated market, start-ups may find it difficult to promote the range of toys you have in store. 

That’s why it’s important to stand out from your competitors; particularly with industry giants like LoveHoney and Ann Summers killing the ‘sex toy PR campaign’ game! While it may not be easy, if you have something unique and special to offer your audience, you can develop an adult social media marketing and PR campaign that has customers flooding to your online store.

At Adult PR – a UK based public relations and adult marketing agency, we have rounded up three of the top social media and public relation campaigns involving sex toys so you can learn from them:

1. Hot Octopuss Are Hiring

In 2014, sex toy company Hot Octopuss announced they were recruiting male ‘orgasm engineers’; otherwise known as ‘sex toy testers’. The (hand)job description riddled with innuendos and puns asked that applicants were over 18; have ‘good stamina’; are able to handle pressure and have their own penis. Under the ‘salary’ for the part-time role, it simply said: ‘a great package’; ten points goes to the content marketing behind this campaign!

The company had over 400 applications at the time of its release; all of which received a prototype toy to be reviewed on a regular basis and to report back.

What to learn: Get your customers involved in your marketing and public relations efforts. Not only will you get to learn about the people purchasing your products but you can reward them with special offers and free products, which could be the difference between a one-off customer and loyal fan.

2. A Very Naughty Elf

In 2017, Poundland shared the daily activities of its Christmas elf on their social media channel. Despite being a variety store selling low-cost items, most of the Elf’s doings referenced sexual activities. This included the elf ‘teabagging’ a barbie doll with a Twinings tea bag; fighting Darth Vader with a vibrator and offering the audience ‘free moustache rides’.

While some people thought the posts were in bad taste, Poundland argued the social media campaign was well-loved by their audience and helped them to connect with their shoppers. After a scroll through Poundland’s Facebook, you can see that people on the social media site found the campaign hilarious – unlike users on Twitter.

What to learn: Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and take some risks with your social media campaigns. The more outrageous the publicity stunt; the more likely it will be to go viral. Just be prepared to deal with any backlash by having a proper crisis management plan in place.

3. “Fuck Valentine’s Day”

Created by Dorcel Store, a premium French sex toy retailer, the campaign highlighted that you don’t have to have a partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Available online and in print, the advert featured a photograph of a pink “rabbit” style vibrator with the words “Fuck Valentine’s Day”.

What to learn: Tie into national holidays and special events. Christmas and Valentine’s Day is a popular time for couples to buy naughty presents for each other so it’s important you take advantage of this busy sales period. 

Do you need help creating unique and effective campaigns for your sex toy store? Why not get in touch with Adult PR – specialists in sex toy PR on 01621 927 010!

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