Adult Social Media Marketing: 5 Ways Pornhub Generate Word-of-Mouth

For years, marketers have embraced the idea that “sex sells”. After all, how many adverts have you seen with scantily clad women posing with handbags? However, some marketers end up asking: “What exactly does sex sell?” and more importantly, “How do you get people talking about porn?”

Despite its gradual move from being a taboo to a mainstream topic; porn isn’t exactly what most people talk about while having lunch with the in-laws or over a pint of beer. Yet one adult entertainment business has proven that with the right strategies and a complete disregard for convention; word-of-mouth and porn can make a good partnership.


At Adult PR – porn PR agency, our social media team are going to discuss some amazing ways Pornhub have utilised technology and data to get people talking about porn:

1. Innuendo-Ridden Advert in Times Square, New York.

Back in 2014, Pornhub challenged people all over the world to create clean, family-friendly adverts for the website. Following this challenge, Pornhub erected their winning entry; a poster of a hands clasped into the shape of a heart and the phrase “All You Need Is Hand” written above, in Time Square. They even hired a choir to sing a version of the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”; the presumed inspiration for the poster.

While the billboard was pulled down after only two days, Pornhub’s advert was featured in a number of prominent media outlets around the world, which was bound to get people talking.

2. Porn Statistics from Viewers.

The brains behind Pornhub also own an array of other porn sites including YouPorn. This means that they have access to some of the most viewed pornsites in the world. As a result, they have got lots of two things; porn and data!

In 2012, Pornhub released an article with data on the viewing habits of its users throughout the year. What was considered an experimental blog post saw phenomenal coverage in the media; coverage extended to Buzzfeed; Vice and Gizmodo. Therefore, Pornhub has continued to share similar articles, focusing on country-specific viewing habits, kinks and genres.

3. Working with Charities.

For years, Pornhub has been contributing to charity and the good of the planet in very interesting ways. An example of one of their charitable campaigns is “Pornhub Gives America Wood”. This was an environmentally conscious effort for Arbor day to make America a greener country. For every 100 videos watched on the sites “Big Dick” category, Pornhub pledged to plant a tree. Another similar campaign was for breast cancer awareness and involved a 1 cent donation for every 30 videos watched in the “Small Tits” or Big Tits” category.

Are you looking to get the word out about your porn website? Our porn marketing agency are capable of managing and maintaining your social media for your website as well as thinking up creative social media campaigns for your pornsite to push traffic to your website. Get in touch with the team at Adult PR – porn PR agency, on 01621 927 010.

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