Sex Industry Marketing: Getting Your Brand Noticed Through Adult Niche Affiliate Marketing

There is just one thing that has been around on the internet since it was first created; adult content! It sounds like something that you would normally try to avoid online and that you warn children not to visit. However, adult affiliate marketing is very lucrative.

In fact, it is one of the most profitable niches to sell affiliate products and services. For example, if you are selling sex toys, you can advertise with pornsites and camgirl sites to reach your target audience.

Although it does not necessarily need to be porn or premium subscriptions to adult websites, the adult niche covers things like dating, which has really taken off in recent years. So, how can your brand get noticed through adult niche affiliate marketing?

The team at Adult PR – adult marketing agency, have shared their top tips when considering affiliate marketing:

1. Geo-location

One thing affiliate marketers forget is geography. Some adult content will sell better in certain countries than others while some places completely ban the advertising of adult content.

Before starting your advertising campaign, carry out research to find out what countries or regions allow you to promote adult content. After all, there is no point in sending out affiliate links to people in countries where adult material is banned or even illegal.

2. Use ad networks

As mentioned above; advertising adult content has some strict rules around what you can and cannot promote. For the major ad networks, adult material is generally restricted. However, there are some ad networks that do allow you to promote adult content; generally giving our more earning options, which allows for flexibility.

For example, they may offer you CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action). There are many ways in which you can use ads with the different methods of making money to promote adult content.

3. Keep an eye on trends

The great thing about the adult genre is that it can be broken down into a lot of different smaller niches where the money you can be. There are various trends that are being picked up on with adult marketing in 2018 and beyond.

For example, promoting offers for adult sites that are time-limited offers are always good as they give a sense of urgency and are more likely to be bought if there is a discount on offer. Also, posting reviews of adult products and selling them through affiliate links is pretty popular.

Are you a porn site or adult entertainment business that needs help with your public relations and marketing strategies? Get in touch with Adult PR; adult industry marketing and public relations agency, on 01621 927 010.

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