The Greatest Moments in Adult Social Media Marketing History

It’s not a revelation when we say that marketing the sex industry is tricky business. Not only is it difficult to crack the market, but you also need to jump through several hoops to ensure you’re abiding with community guidelines. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with the right adult entertainment agency, you will have leads in no time. Here is proof that sex sells, with the greatest moments in adult social media marketing history:

Word of mouth sex industry marketing

The key to a successful adult social media marketing campaign is through generating word of mouth. One of the biggest adult companies, PornHub, have proved on several occasions that through well phrased euphemisms; cold; hard statistics and technology, generating conversation about controversial campaigns is easier than you think!


One of the most iconic adult social media marketing campaigns PornHub ran was taking to the internet to raise awareness of their crowdfunding mission, which managed to raise a staggering $3.4 million. What was this for you ask? To fund the world’s first adult film shot in space entitled ‘Sexploration’.

Why was this so successful? The answer to this question is rather self-explanatory. The concept of the first adult video shot in space is an incredible angle for both porn PR and mainstream media. It also highlights that technology has advanced enough to make this taboo activity possible.

Giving wood 

Another hugely successful adult social media marketing campaign is “PornHub Gives America Wood.” This campaign was PornHub’s way of giving back wood in an environmentally conscious effort to make America green again, so-to-speak.

Why was this successful? The amusing play on words along with the meaning behind it go hand in hand. Who doesn’t love a happy, healthy environment?

The moral of this blog is to sell sex, you must sell the concept of sex through creative and innovative ways. Fortunately, Adult PR are experts in the creation and execution of adult social media marketing campaigns.

If you would like more information about how Adult PR, adult entertainment agency can help you with adult social media marketing, get in touch today on 01621 927 010.

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