Adult Social Media Marketing for Cam Girls

In 2017 alone, websites like Pornhub received 28.5 billion visits, which works out to be 78.1 million a day. It is undisputed that adult entertainment is an incredibly popular market. However, when it comes to marketing the sex industry, it is not as popular. Why? Because so many agencies tend to shy away from that kind of work due to strict rules and regulations. However, at Adult PR, adult entertainment agency, we have gradually become experts in marketing for the adult industry. This week, we’re here to discuss how to tackle adult social media marketing for camgirls.

Creating an adult social media marketing strategy.

Marketing the sex industry is no different than any other business. The same marketing strategies are applied in order to achieve healthy, organic results. The first step when mastering the art of adult social media marketing is creating an effective strategy. This involves setting goals; identifying your target audience and deciding which tactics you want to take to achieve your results. For example, if you were a cam girl in the adult entertainment business, your long-term aim may be to gain more traffic to your site through the use of effective campaigns and competitions.

Becoming creative with your content.

Adult social media marketing is not a walk in the park but with the right agency, your business can get its feet off the ground. Unfortunately, there are many community guidelines on platforms like Twitter and Instagram that you’ll need to follow. If you don’t, your account may be penalised. To avoid this, you need to get creative with your content. Create infographics on your cam girls to gives them a bit more of a personal appeal or stick to underwear shots.

The long run.

Like any industry, when it comes to sex industry marketing, your sales won’t have a dramatic increase within the first 24 hours of your social media platforms being live. However, don’t get disheartened as like every other industry, results take a lot of time and dedication to gain your audiences’ trust.

If you would like more information about how we can help your cam girl site with adult social media marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01376 386 850!

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