How to Make Your Sex Toys Stand Out From the Crowd

When it comes to marketing the sex industry, it can be incredibly difficult to find your niche and find something that has never been done before. With the likes of Ann Summers and LoveHoney to compete against, when you’re a sex toy business it’s hard to know how to make your company rise above the others. Here’s a list of things that you can do to captivate and engage your audience whilst marketing in the sex industry.

SEO for your porn website

You’re actually killing two birds with one stone when you introduce a blog section to your website. Why? Because not only are you making web crawlers think you’re posting regular; fresh content. You’re also helping with your porn website search engine optimisation. With these two benefits combined you’re going to naturally grow your brand awareness as popular search engines will begin to rank your website higher on search results, increasing your exposure.

Knowing what to post

As well as increasing your exposure, posting blogs can also help with your social media content, posting a snippet of your latest blogs on channels like Twitter help your followers find your website.

Not sure what to blog about? We would recommend doing a monthly spotlight on some of your favourite toys. Maybe suggest some sex games that can be taken to the bedroom incorporating the toy with their partner. You could even do a ‘tips and tricks’ column telling your customers how to get the most out of their toy as well as cleaning and storage tips.

Making your website personal

Often, when customers come to buy their first sex toy, they’re nervous, sceptical and embarrassed. They want reassurance that when they purchase their toy, they know it’s safe, clean and trusted. How can you achieve this reassurance? By making your website personal. Introduce a review section with real opinions from real people. Maybe link videos to your website demonstrating what the toy looks like, what extra accessories it needs etc.

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