The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Adult Social Media Marketing

Sex industry marketing is no walk in the park. There are lots of hurdles to jump through to ensure your content is safe for work and age appropriate. This also applies to adult social media marketing! Social media marketing can be a tough nut to crack, especially in the adult industry, however, Adult PR, adult entertainment agency are here to help you avoid the most common mistakes people make with adult social media marketing.

Failing to make an adult social media marketing strategy. 

When it comes to marketing the sex industry, many companies shy away as they feel as though it’s too difficult. When in reality, the marketing methods and strategies used are exactly the same as any other industry.

The first step in any successful adult social media marketing campaign is devising a strategy. This involves setting goals; knowing your target audience; the tactics you’re going to implement and setting a time scale. Many social media accounts become unsuccessful because there is not a strategy in place.

Getting creative with your content. 

Despite sex industry marketing being similar to other industries, the one area where many people make mistakes is social media. Many adult entertainment agencies believe that because their client is not safe for work, their content cannot be. Nearly every social media channel has incredibly strict community guidelines. If they are not followed, could have detrimental affects to your account. So, how do you avoid this? Get creative with your content!

Not tracking analytics. 

One of the biggest mistakes we see being made with sex industry marketing is the lack of monitoring. When running any social media account, it is essential that you track your adult social media marketing campaigns through analytics. This will not only allow you to monitor your progress from the previous month. But it also lets you see what content works well with your followers and what does not. This means that you can really refine what you post to meet your audience’s needs.

If you would like to find out more information about adult social media marketing, get in touch with Adult PR adult entertainment agency today on 01621 927 010.

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