Social Media for the Adult Industry

Incredibly, social media has been around for around 40 years. The forum Usenet in 1979 was created with the intention to share news. Business owners are seeing profit potential in the billions of online users, but can you blame them? When using social channels in the correct way, an awful lot of money is there to be made.

Most social media agencies produce content for the mainstream media, however, there are different requirements when promoting a brand or person within the adult industry. Most of the advice you would be given in a typical business marketing strategy will result in your social media accounts being blocked or banned.

All platforms have restrictions which will limit and prevent the adult industry in promoting their services or goods. This being said, there is some leverage for certain content in the industry.


Twitter is a growing platform with around 330 million users sharing and creating content up to 280 characters long. The media platform has not been shy to pornographic material in the past with 1 in every 1000 tweets being sexually explicit. However, a Twitter specific statistic was released last year that 14,000 active accounts are involved in the creation and distribution of child abuse.

Following the above statistic being released, Twitter of course changed their guidelines. They have also changed their search algorithms to prevent accounts with a sexual nature from being found by the general public. As such, accounts associated with the sex industry will now be shadow banned/blocked.


Not long after Twitter revealed their new policy, Facebook also banned revenge porn (sharing posts without consent). They also renewed their guidelines on nudity; you are no longer allowed to post nude photos/videos unless they are “artistic”.


In 2015, Instagram revealed new community guidelines to cut down on nudity. According to the platform’s new policy, users are not allowed to post any nude images, no matter the style; art or nature. They even put a stop to digitally created content with sexually acts. Instagram is one of the harshest platforms on the internet but don’t rule it out just yet.

Requirements of various social platforms can change frequently and without public warning. To prevent your accounting being banned, get in touch with one of our social media experts today. Whether you’re after porn social media or adult marketing in general, we’re here to help!

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