Public Relations in the Adult Industry

Sex is a 6 billion pound industry and it’s still growing. So it’s no surprise that companies in the adult industry need ‘porn PR.’

It’s a fact of life; sex sells; and with an insatiable industry at your beck and call, we make it our mission to promote your brand in all the right ways. We protect your reputation whilst ensuring your name is widely recognised.

We also have an in-house marketing team that work alongside the PR office ensuring every angle is covered. From people being able to find you on Google, to the measuring of your sales statistics to media attention.

Lets be honest, there isn’t a media outlet out there that hasn’t in some way touched on the topic of erotica. As a result where it fits we will approach the mainstream media and where there are more shall we say, niche, topics. We will look for more specialist website; magazines and television opportunities.

So why should you use Adult PR to promote your adult business?

Be it porn; toys or anything else in the industry we want to help you make a profit and gain recognition.

Consumers are starting to realise that they are being sold to and as a result are less inclined to buy from you. We make sure everything you do is appealing to the reader or viewer and builds strong relationships quickly.

Not only do we save you time but we ensure we provide you will a full return on investment. It is often said that our PR and Marketing team are an investment rather than an expense.

So why not get in touch with us today and find out how our team can help you and your brand reach a new audience and build stronger relationships with your existing clientele.

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