Using Events for Your Adult Industry PR

The use of events for marketing and PR opportunities is common in almost every industry; whether it is global exhibitions or local summer festivals; there is always a chance to promote your business and network. So, why would the adult industry be any different?


When discussing events, we don’t mean heading on down to your local church fete dressed in latex, promoting your cam girl services. That would probably end badly!

What we mean is finding industry relevant events. You should then take the opportunity to promote yourself or your business there.


Here at Adult PR, an adult industry PR agency, our team know the importance of creating positive PR for our clients; often using events as a platform to do so. Our team want to share some ideas on what events to target and how to use them for your adult industry PR.


Some of the events you could utilise are more obvious than others. For example, there are still a few porn conventions taking place around the world you could attend. However, a lot of cities have started to clamp down on them. This means that you will have to become a bit more creative in the future.


Instead, maybe try going to events that are for industries where you know there will be plenty of your target audience attending. For example, if you are a cam girl that often has fetish requests, you could take advantage of the comic exhibition known as Comic Con. Appeal to the audience by taking part in the dressing up fad called Cos Play, that sees people dressing up as fictional characters or invent their own. This is a perfect opportunity to wear something a little more risqué and have photos taken with fans and convention goers. Be sure to have a positive campaign behind the reason for your attendance. That way you will receive a much better reaction from the press and public, while raising awareness for the cause of your choosing.


Our adult industry PR team recently attended New York’s gay pride event with clients in the adult industry. This was to assist in the smooth running of a campaign for the normalisation of gay sex. Our team ensured that the campaign message was delivered and received by the public and press in a positive way. This was so that not only is the message received well but our clients also receive organic positive press and exposure.

If you would like help in receiving great adult industry PR through the use of events or otherwise. Then contact our Essex PR and marketing office today on 01621 927010.

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