How to Sell Sex Industry Marketing to a Sceptic

Marketing for the adult industry is arguably more difficult compared with marketing for other industries. Why? Because there is still a stigma attached to the purchasing and indulging of adult entertainment services despite a gradual societal change in attitude. Today, Adult PR, adult entertainment agency, are here to discuss how to sell sex industry marketing to a sceptic.

Why are people so cynical?

When it comes to sex industry marketing, whether you’re a sex toy company or cam girl site, there will always be questions about the legitimacy of your product. This is because, for decades, many people have viewed and indulged in adult entertainment products privately; rarely making it public due to the perception that sex is a taboo subject.

Understandably, there has been a big shift in attitudes thanks to the evolution of technology, but there are still some sceptics out there. Here’s how to sell your porn products the right way.

Know your product

One of the biggest questions your audience will ask when looking to purchase an adult product will be ‘is this legit?’ We’ve heard sex horror stories thousands of times before thanks to gossip tabloids. While they’re extremely amusing to read, they hardly work in your favour when trying to market an adult product.

So, how do you avoid this? Get to really know your product or service. What are its strengths; weaknesses and what makes your business different to others? By knowing this, it strengthens your legitimacy and presentation. This will then begin to help settle a sceptic’s doubts.

Build a relationship with your customer

Building customer relationships are vital in every industry but are even more important in porn marketing. The relationship between you and your customer is far more important than you might think. If you find a loyal customer, not only will they return time and time again; but they will also become brand advocates for your company which is highly important in sex industry marketing.

Associate yourself with respectable causes

One of PornHub’s greatest marketing achievements is their advocating and support of environmental; political and social factors. Why does this work? Because it sets them apart from the other faceless companies and associates the brand with helping to bring about positive change. If you want your porn marketing to work, consider getting your company involved with respectable causes.

If you would like more information about sex industry marketing, get in touch with Adult PR, adult entertainment agency today on 01621 927 010.

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