The Story of Pornhub: From Free Porn Paradise to Respectable Lifestyle Brand

Launched in 2007, Pornhub has swelled and expanded, rising up the internet rankings like a morning hard-on! Over its decade of existence, the pornographic video-sharing website has become the internet’s largest storage facility for pornographic content. Although it is not the most popular adult site (that title goes to XVideos); Pornhub has managed to achieve a pop cultural eminence that no other adult entertainment site has achieved.

This is because Pornhub is more than just a place to enjoy videos of double penetration and creampies in the toilets at work. It is a bona fide lifestyle brand that collaborates with fashion brands and tries to crowdfund sex tapes in space!

Pornhub has achieved this fame through its regular (and ridiculous) publicity stunts. At the beginning of their journey, Pornhub planted rumours of celebrity sex tapes in the tabloid press. The celebrities included Demi Lovato, who was offered $100,000 for a hypothetical sex tape that was made up by the company insiders. Celebrities also include the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

However, we did not quite see the power of Pornhub’s publicity team. This was until they organised the ‘Bree Olson Boob Bus’ with the site’s porn star, Bree Olson. The bus toured Manhattan where it offered women instructions on how to self-examine their breasts for cancerous lumps. It also provided free screening services onboard.

As you can expect, the stunt immediately made the headlines and generated a lot of press attention for Pornhub. You only have to search for the campaign and Google throws up articles from news outlets such as Huffington Post and Daily Telegraph. These websites’ have huge readerships, which offer Pornhub access to masses of masturbators that are not usually the first to jump onto the pornsite.

By creating these outlandish PR stunts, Pornhub becomes newsworthy and manages to insert itself into the daily media cycle. It is a very clever way of generating brand visibility, which is vital for free sites who rely on clicks.

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