Adult Industry Social Media Marketing: How To Get Around Censors

Promoting your adult entertainment brand on social media comes with a number of challenges; but it’s not impossible to do! Whether it’s ‘adult content’ censors or a complete ‘shadowban’ of your account; social media platforms such as Facebook; Twitter; Instagram and YouTube are not your friends!

However, they can be tricked by clever porn social media strategies and subtle changes to your explicit content. ‘How do you do that?’ We hear you ask.

Well, the team here at Adult PR have managed and maintained the social media channels of several adult industry businesses for the last decade. We understand better than anyone the strategies you can use to get around any social media issues.

Take a look at what Adult PR suggest when it comes to avoiding any social media censors and bans below:

1. Facebook strict ‘adult content’ censors.

With over 2 billions active users, the social media platform is a hot-bed for child abuse; violent material and revenge porn. This means that the content for your adult entertainment page may get swept up under their new, strict policies.

Recently, Facebook brought in a number of strict guidelines and policies to restrict the amount of “harmful content” posted. To avoid getting your posts deleted by the site (or your page deleted), make sure you understand the latest guidelines.

Currently, Facebook argue they restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because “some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content.” They will remove sexual imagery to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content.

However, despite there being restrictions on the display of sexual activity (digitally created content and images), you can post this type of content if it is used for educational; humorous or satirical purposes.

2. Twitter ‘shadow-banning’ accounts.

For Twitter, the social media network has started to limit the accounts of users who violate its terms of service. This is done by placing a ‘shadowban’ on your account. This means that your followers will stop seeing your posts on Twitter. 

In terms of nudity and sexually explicit content, Twitter policies are far more lenient. While they prohibit the promotion of adult or sexual products; users are allowed to post explicit content so long as you mark it as “containing sensitive content”. This is a warning message which the viewer must click through before viewing the media.

To avoid getting shadowbanned by Twitter, make sure you are correctly labelling your content as having potentially sensitive content every time you post. Otherwise, permanently set your account to ‘mark media I tweet as containing material that may be sensitive’ so all future posts will have a warning message.

3. Instagram disabling accounts that post ‘explicit content’.

Similarly to the parent-company, Facebook, Instagram do not allow nudity on the site. They give examples of photos; videos; and some digitally-created content that shows “sexual intercourse; genitals; and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks.” However, they will allow nudity in paintings and sculptures posted as photos onto the site.

If you go against these guidelines with your brand’s Instagram account; you will be disabled and unable to log into the platform. You are able to appeal this decision by contacting Instagram.

For more information about our adult social media marketing strategies and knowledge; get in touch with our adult industry marketing team on 01621 927 010.

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