Adult Entertainment Marketing: Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Porn

While we may not all admit to watching it, pornography is one of the most searched requests online. In fact, porn sites like Pornhub are getting more hits each month than Netflix; Amazon and Twitter combined. That’s 450 million visitors a month!

While elements of this multi-million pound industry may be unethical, they sure know how to adapt to the changing times; thrusting their way from video tapes in seedy corners of video hire shops to the Internet. The Internet is a place where porn is everywhere you look.

So what can we learn from this elusive industry?

Tease Your Customers

Unlike other industries, porn generates money in the millions; with £3,000 being spent on pornography every second. But why are people spending so much money on porn when a huge amount of online porn is free? It’s simple; you give the people what they want, but just enough that they aren’t completely satisfied. It may be a 30 second long video but an addictive storyline and some good actors will have people hooked in. Once they’re hooked, you could see them paying £15 – £30 to see how the story pans out.

Finding Your Kink

The mainstream porn industry is huge, to the point where it’s difficult to ignore; even if you’re someone who “refuses” to watch porn. Usually, only the really big players can make a sing and dance of their latest releases. If you’re a small company, you’re going to have to focus on finding your niche where you can advertise to a smaller, targeted market.

Finding clients who will enjoy and benefit from your products will help to build up your reputation and brand within the industry, before you expand to play in the big leagues.

Stay Ahead of The Curve(s)

What do online payment; live streaming and live chatting all have in common? All are Internet technology that wouldn’t exist without porn! In fact, technology such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift have been embraced by the porn industry before mainstream media. They are used for point-of-view porn clips.

With technological innovation in mind, you should be looking at social media platforms; applications and technological devices. You should also discuss how they can be used to benefit your business. Don’t wait for other companies to try it out for you, be ahead of the crowd and start trends.

At Adult PR Essex, we enjoy a challenge and believe that even the most unconventional of industries deserve a chance to have their voices heard – that includes the adult entertainment industry.

We already work with a diverse range of clients from more corporate clients in finance to less formal enterprises such as pet shops. If you’re looking to raise awareness of your pornsite, your business will fit right in with our experts.

Get in touch with the team at Adult PR on 01621 927 010 to find out more information about our adult entertainment marketing services in Essex.

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