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As many of you may have noticed, Adult PR have a particular industry that they excel in and this is marketing and PR in the adult entertainment industry!

A few people have asked how we got into this arena and simply put; regardless of industry every business needs PR and marketing in order to attract customers.

Porn PR doesn’t have to be seedy; as technology has progressed the adult industry has too. All the businesses we represent are proud of what they have achieved and regardless of whether we are promoting camgirls or sex toys this can be done in an inoffensive, appealing and upmarket way (if you want it too of course.)

Sex doesn’t always sell and we are strongly against using sex to push a company that is unrelated in order to make sales; however, if you need marketing for your adult entertainment business we are the experts.

As with any business you need to know your target audience, who do you want your product to appeal to? Without having a defined idea of your market how are you going to make sure that you make the most money in the least amount of time? After all; selling porn to men and lingerie to women is going to be a vastly different process and everything from the language to the imagery that you use is going need to be unique.

As with any business your target market is to some degree flexible; you may find men want to buy women’s lingerie too and you need a marketing and PR agency that understand the entire buying process. What is going through a mans mind as he looks through the aforementioned underwear website? Is he buying for a partner or himself? What will be the selling point that makes him decide to click the ‘add to basket’ button?

When you work with Adult PR you don’t need to wonder anymore; just get in touch with our expert adult entertainment marketing team and let us help your business become more profitable.

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